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College - University

TTC EDU committed to make a difference and create sustainable development in university training. Its schools aim to train students to be "Globel citizen" who is good in both theory and practice and confident in foreign languages.

Being a place to train high quality human resources meeting the businesses’ employment demand. To do this, TTC EDU commits to investing in modern facilities, inviting leading professors and economists in the region and the world, while applying the teaching curriculum transferred from the world’s top 20 universities and vocational training joint programs.

Especially, the schools will connect businesses inside and outside the TTC Group, providing suitable environment for its students to practice their skills directly. Moreover, TTC EDU also builds short-term vocational training programs for some key sectors of the TTC Group. This route is the best guarantee for the commitment of training quality and ensuring output for students studying at the colleges and universities under TTC EDU.

Organization scale
College - University
The colleges and universities under TTC EDU

1. Sonadezi College of Technology and Management
Date of establishment: June 1, 2005
Address: No. 1, street 6A, Bien Hoa II Industrial Zone, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province.
Phone: (061) 3 994 011 - (061) 3 994 012 – (061) 3 994 013

2. Yersin University - Da Lat
Date of establishment: December 27, 2004
Address: 27 Ton That Tung, Ward 8, Da Lat city, Lam Dong Province
Phone: (063) 3552111

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