Education philosophy
Education philosophy
Education philosophy
1. For parents and students: Provide comprehensive and integrated education solutions such as Research – Theory – Practice – Foreign Language – Skills in alignment with our philosophy of education which is the harmonious blend of ethics and integration capabilities.

2. For the Society
: Promoting economic growth and the trend of international integration. Reducing study abroad options and overload in education due to immigration waves to big cities.

3. For local community: Providing high quality human resources for local needs and creating jobs for workforce in the locality; building eco-friendly and clean, green, modern schools.

4. For internal staff: Creating a professional working environment, focus on enhancing professional skills and caring for our staffs’ material and mental life.

In order to fulfill this mission, TTC EDU follows 6 core values: Creativity – Passion – Patience – Accountability – Respect – Sharing.

At TTC EDU, we spread our core values to our students. They learn from those values to show their CREATIVITY – Learn with fun PASSIONATELY – Follow their dreams with PATIENCE - Learn for themselves, for their family with ACCOUNTABILITY – Learn to know themselves and others with RESPECT – Joining hands to connect with friends and the community by SHARING.

At all education levels, TTC EDU committed to improving the quality of teachers and updating advanced teaching methods, serve as a bridge between family and school, enterprise and society to determine the best educational methods. We understand and always remind ourselves: Students are taught to know how to self-study and self-serve – Parents trust in teachers and share how to educate their children – The schools monitor and enhance teaching quality – Connecting with enterprises as place for practice and output source for future workforce – Together with the community to socialize education.

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