History of development
History of development
History of development

On Jan 12th, 2016: the company was changed into TTC Edu Stock Company. This is one of the most crucial turning-point of brand synchronization in TTC system and becoming the company with the most famous trade name in Vietnam about Education.

On Aug 18th, 2016: taking over Yersin Da Lat University and perfecting the system of education from Preschool level to university

In Sep, 2015: Sonadezi College of Technology and Management was invested and managed

On Jun 1st, 2014: Le Quy Don was divided officially into Le Quy Dong Primary and Secondary school and Le Quy Don High school because of the number of registration of students

On Sep 6th, 2013: Bambi Dong Nai Preschool (Abi Dong Nai Preschool now) and Bambi Binh An Preschool (Abi Dong Nai 2 Preschool now) were inaugurated.

On Mar 23rd, 2010: Asia Pacific College was founded (Dong Nai International Pacific School now). This is the first international school in Dong Nai Province. It was official in the school year of 2010-2011

On Apr 1st, 2010: Le Quy Don Primary - Secondary - High school – campus 2 – was inaugurated and 12 - year ceremony (01/04/1998-01/04/2010) was celebrated.

On Sep 3rd, 2009: Bambi international Preschool (Abi Binh Duong International Preschool now) was run officially and started the school year in 2009-2010

On Sep 6th, 2008: Tan Phu high school was inaugurated officially and began the school year in 2008-2009

On Oct 25th, 2008: Toan Thinh Phat - one member limited liability Education Company was established

On Sep 4th, 2006: Trinh Hoai Duc Primary-Secondary and High school in Trang Bom Town, Dong Nai Province – the second school of the company

Thanh Thanh Cong stock company invested capital with Le Quy Don high school in Bien Hoa City – Dong Nai Province. This is the great turning-point of the education expansion.

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