Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Visitors who access and use the website of Thanh Thanh Cong Education Joint Stock Company (TTC EDU) need to obey these following regulations and terms:


- The interface of the website: www.ttcedu.vn (forms of presence, fonts, structures…) is owned by Thanh Thanh Cong Education JSC (TTC Edu) and its designs, models, photographs are protected by laws. All acts of copying without the permissions from TTC or/and stealing a part or all of copyright will be penalized under laws.

- When users want to copy information (documents, images, videos, software and other contents) they must specify the sources and authors (if any). All forms of copying, repairing and reposting for commercial purpose are strictly prohibited.


- All of the websites can set up their links to www.ttcedu.vn except propaganda against Viet Nam sites, pornographic, violent and publicly spreading bad information websites. TTC Edu has the right to require the websites to delete the links if they do not obey above regulations.

- TTC Edu is not responsible for the contents of the websites which have the links to www.ttcedu.vn