Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Thank you for accessing our website: www.ttcedu.vn. We guarantee these following privacy terms will protect your personal information

1. Personal information

- Including your name, address, phone number, email address.

- We only use your info to manage accounts, to communicate when you request or share your writing, pictures to our email.

2. Security

- We assure that your personal information will never be revealed or used for any purpose which is not in our privacy term.

- We are able to disclose your information in the special situations which are requested from the Law or the Court.

3. Commitment

- We are not supposed to collect your personal information. We only collect it to communicate with you or when you provide us.

- When you provide us your information, it means you clearly understand our privacy terms and we are allowed to use that information for the purposes which are listed in these terms.

4. Changing info and privacy term

- Your information will be kept limitless.

- The contents of these privacy terms can be changed to be suitable with company.


All questions, ideas, comments or feedbacks about the Privacy Term, please contact us to the following email: info@ttcedu.vn