Benefits of physical education in preschool children

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Children from 1-6 years old are considered "golden stage" of development: 1-2 year old children learn to toddle, talk and develop skills; 2-3 years old children want to be independent, inquisitive; 3-4 years old started thinking; 4-6 years old develop creativity and This period, physical exercise is extremely important to help children improve both physical health and thinking ability for a full psychological growth

If we want to help children develop their growth, we have to pay attention to their physical activities

Japan is a country with advanced education, including pre-school education system considered a model for many countries in the world to learn beside academic activities, entertainment and preschools in Japan has always focused on the physical development for children. Babies less than 1 year old has competed in sports, although she's only crawl or toddle. Small preschool children participate in dance classes, the largest preschool child will participate in soccer as a true athlete. In addition, each year the children are participating in sports festival. To participate in the festival, the children have to practice intensively and seriously with subjects including aerobics, running, dancing ... Through these activities, children are practicing teamwork, discipline, endurance, perseverance, self-confidence and most importantly they will have good physical and spirits

Beside early education - education at the right age for children, enhancing physical education in kindergarten is the current trend.
In Vietnam, some schools have adopted the model of domestic and foreign professional physical education into curriculum These activities are useful complement to the development of thinking, language, aesthetics and character of the child in a comprehensive manner. The only program invited by Ministry of Education to participate in "Innovation development methods advocate for preschool children” for 64 provinces and cities across the country is "Ready Steady Go Kids".

This program is the largest and most reputable sports in Australia with over 40,000 students studying around the world such as the UK, Singapore, China, Philippines, Indonesia, India ... including 10 coordinating subjects and life skills training for children of preschool age.

Coaches guide the children to participate in sports at Abi - international preschool

Help your child develop a comprehensive, platform for education

With the desire of increasing more physical activities that can help children develop physical, intellectual, social skills and emotional, Thanh Thanh Cong join-stock company (TTC Edu) has deployed Ready Steady Go Kids program at some preschools Abi of TTC education system of TTC group

Accordingly, Abi - Binh Duong international school, Abi - Đong Nai 1 international school and Abi - Đong Nai 2 international school have applied 10 coordinating subjects to teaching including Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Football clubs, Athletics, Golf, Australia Soccer

Despite the unfamiliar with new and strange sports, students at Abi- Binh Duong international preschool are so excited

Participating in the program, the children are developing basic motor skills crawling, running horizontal step, run chase step, skip, jump, ...;fine motor skills: coordination of small muscle groups in the hands and/or legs with eyes, skills of balance, body control and basic skills of the 10 sports applying physical education in teaching, Abi preschools system of TTC education system desire children to follow a healthy lifestyle, practice teamwork, discipline, these activities contribute to stimulate brain development

These are the tools children need to step into the next levels of education and one of the good things that Abi preschools commit to give to children. To implement the program, the teaching tools are thoroughly researched, consistent with the child's physical strength and physique. The ground system must be spacious and safe for the child to participate in activities comfortably.

“The body does not exercise is just like the water in a stagnant pond”, thus, enabling the child to exercise is to give them "space" for self-development and independence shaping gradually in preschool children. Also, by participating in coordinating sports under the guidance of professional coaches, children know how to simulate the right movements from easy to difficult, thereby increasing their positive character, self-discipline, endurance and adaptability. Children with these qualities will be "a new generation of citizens" completely developed physical, mental, moral and soul, the foundation for all next levels of education to create " excellent and global citizens ". This is also the aspirations and mission of Abi preschools on the journey of the hundred year growing people.

The cooperation agreement between TTC Group and HCM City University of Technology on transferring and training human resources

Recognizing the importance of the construction and development of links between universities and business, as well as cooperating in the field of applied research on the principle of mutual assistance, on Dec 19th, 2016, TTC Groub and HCMC University of Technology signed a memorandum of cooperation in training, scientific research and technology transfer in the field of energy and education – 2 in the fields of operation of the TTC Group.

Accordingly, TTC Group and HCMC University of Technology will work together to carry out scientific research projects in the field of energy and offer solutions to high-tech applications, bring the quality energy product, serve the needs of consumers and work towards sustainable development.

In the field of education, HCMC University of Technology will consult, support the development of training programs, and build laboratories for training for engineering at colleges, Universities of TTC Education Systems, including Sonadezi College of Technology and Management and Yersin University of Da lat. The two sides also carried out cooperation and exchange – student exchanges, faculty to share teaching experiences and learning environment. Conversely, TTC Group will facilitate students of HCMC University of Technology internships or working in member companies, associated companies of TTC. At the same time, the vocational counseling programs, career orientation from the subsidiaries, associated companies of TTC will also be informed to the HCM City University of Technology so that the students will have the opportunities to reach these information. In addition, the policy of scholarships to students of HCMC University of Technology are also considered on both sides.

TTC Group Corporation is a multi-industry reputation, with the strategic directions of economic development linked to community benefits; Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology is one of the leading universities in the southern area of training engineers, scientist. With its own strength from two units, partnership promises to bring cutting-edge research projects with the high caliber and the "culture" of high quality human resources in the future.

In 2016, Thanh Thanh Cong Education Joint-Stock Company (TTC Edu) - TTC Group corporation signed an MOU with Takasago Group (Japan) collaborating in the work of consultants, supporting educational activities of TTC Edu; Gia Lai Electricity joint-stock campany (GEC) – TTC Group Corporation, signed a strategic partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Armstrong Clean Energy Fund (Singapore) to expand the portfolio investment in the field of hydropower, enhanced operating under international standards,create a foundation to develop cleaner forms of energy such as wind power, solar power ...

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