Proper dental health care for babies "For the smile of babies"

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Height and IQ of the child will be seriously affected if the child is not treated early milk tooth decay This is the statement of Dr. Duangthip Duangporn (Dentistry, University of Hong Kong) in a scientific conference about dental- maxillo facial in HCM city

Awareness the importance of dental health for the child's development, after the general health care check-up for the babies in Sep,2016, on Dec 24th,2016, Abi Binh Duong international preschool- Members of TTC Education System - organized a consultation workshop on dental health care "for the smile of babies" with the broad participation of parents.

According to Dr Nguyen Xuan Cuong - Viet My Dental clinic, baby's dental health is affected by many factors, including the child's daily routine, but parents rarely considered, such as mouth breathing, or suck on hand, often milk - bottle sucking, etc

And the results of a study in 2015 in Da Nang and HCM city on 600 children aged 1-6, the rate of early tooth decay children accounted for 74%. A previous study in 2010 by the Institute for Training Molars - Hanoi Medical University in 5 provinces and cities nationwide showed 81.6% of children up to 4-8 years old had milk tooth decay, 16.3% were permanent tooth decay and milk tooth loss of 25.3% before the age
So through the workshop, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong introduced parents methods of properly dental health care for babies. Simultaneously, he also mentioned the harmful effects if we did not pay attention to our baby's dental health, specifically it affects the eating, digesting, myelitis and child psychology.

Parents were consulted by doctors about dental health care for children.

In the framework of the workshop, the children also had a free dental checkup by doctors at Viet My Dental clinic and parents were consulted dental problems that their baby is facing. Beside the workshops, the children also had time to enjoy the interesting and helpful games conducting by Viet My Dental clinic and Abi Binh Duong international preschool

Doctor Nguyen Xuan Cuong instructed properly brushing methods.

The children with beautiful and healthy teeth will have cute smiles and they will not have to cope with digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular problems. In particular, healthy and beautiful teeth will help children develop their mentality positively. Through the workshop and the dental checkup by doctors, parents certainly had noticed the importance of dental health for the baby as well as the high rate of dental disease in babies, therefore, schools are eager to accompany parents to take care of the baby's dental health in particular, and the baby's health in general. This is also the wish of Abi Binh Duong international preschool in particular and Abi international preschool's system in general.

The board of principle of Abi Binh Duong international preschool, doctors of Viet My dental clinic and parents at the dental health care consultation workshop “For the smile of babies".


According to a study by University of Illinois (USA), children who have lot of physical activities will have thicker, denser and whiter enamel tooth coat - this material is capable of connecting different areas of gray matter in the brain - to help children improve concentration, Cognitive and academic performance. Another study by King University (London, UK) also pointed out that, regular exercise from a young age can reduce the risk of memory decline.

Dr Nguyen Xuan Cuong consulted parents.

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