Should children learn English soon?

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Many parents have worried about letting their children learn English in preschool age because the child can be “language-confused”. However, don’t worry because this is the golden period for children to acquire language, parents shouldn’t miss it

Acquiring easily by feeling

Maria Montessori – an Italian physician and educator, mother of Montessori education method has shown that preschool-age children often learn incessantly through the stimulation from the environment, such as language, senses ... At this stage, children are eager to learn and absorb everything in a most natural way. This is a unique capability in the early stages of life. Therefore, learning English in this stage helps children to quickly acquire and remember. In the mean time, children can imitate phonetics, intonation much better than other ages, thus their English pronunciation can be standardized right when they are exposed to the language.

The age of language acquisition

The age from birth to 6 years is the best stage for children to acquire language, to show their interests in small objects, and to develop their social behavior. Therefore, through activities such as dancing, listening to music, playing games in English, children can naturally improve their listening and speaking skills. Many studies indicate that learning native language along with other languages can help their brain work more actively and absorb information more easily; accordingly, they will be more confident in communicating.

Learn early but correctly

Preschool age is the best stage for children to acquire language. However, in this stage children tend to be free, not to be forced into rules and regulation. Therefore, to allow children to best acquire languages, parents have to select the right method.

International Gifted Preschool English Program "Abi Kindy English Program"

The International Gifted Preschool English Program "Abi Kindy English Program" will help children standardize their pronunciation at the early stage of their language acquisition with instructions from native and Vietnamese teachers. In the mean time, children enrich their English vocabulary related to the natural world around them with “fun-to-learn-and-learn-to-have-fun” activities. Teaching aids which stimulate their senses can also help them form their basic and language skills in the most natural ways.

Acting free, communicating comfortably, playing joyfully but sill acquiring English is the target "Abi Kindy English" heads to. This can assure parents that learning English at early age is not learning before school age but it is learning at the right time and in the right way, so that children can expose their potential early.

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