Sonadezi College of Management and Technology awarded diplomas for 361 students Batch 9, school year 2013-2016

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361 students of the departments of Footwear Technology, Management, Languages, Construction, Information Technology of Sonadezi College of Management and Technology - a member of TTC Edu officially received diplomas in the afternoon of October 6th.

The Graduation Ceremony for Batch 9, school year 2013-2016 was solemnly and meaningfully organized with the presence of representatives TTC Edu, Managing Board, heads, faculty, parents and all the fresh graduates, Batch 9.

At the ceremony, the school announced the decision to recognize the graduation of 361 students in Batch 9; offered scholarships and awards for outstanding students with highest GPA and those with good achieve academic achievement throughout the 3-year course.

Ms. Nguyen Thi My Thuyen – Deputy director of TTC Edu

Ms. Nguyen Thi My Thuyen – standing deputy director of TTC Edu - sent congratulations to the new students and said the College "has trained students, accompanied enterprises", therefore, the training has been perfect and student output has been committed. She added "What you need to do now is confidently apply your knowledge and skills the real work. I believe that every business will welcome staff with good theory, practical skills, and foreign languages. And, TTC Edu will always observe your footsteps."

Các bạn sinh viên Lào theo học tại trường tham gia tiết mục văn nghệ chúc mừng tân cử nhân khóa 9.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Luu Phuoc Dung, President, did the ritual “Fire Passing”. The flame symbolizes power, youth and enthusiasm which will shine the way for students to conquer new heights.

Mr. Luu Phuoc Dung, President did the ritual "Fire Passing"

Students with the ritual "Fire Passing".

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