Sonadezi College of Technology and Management Opening New School Year 2016-2017

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October 6. Sonadezi College of Technology and Management - a member of TTC EDE held the Opening Ceremony for 2016-2017 School Year with the theme "Never give up your dream" welcoming nearly 700 new students – Batch 12- to their first school year.

Opening New School Year 2016-2017

The Opening Ceremony was attended by representatives of the Department of Education and Training of Dong Nai Province, TTC Edu, Sonadezi Corporation, businesses and the press.

As the opening ceremony theme is "Never give up the dream", Mr. Luu Phuoc Dung – President talked about the Collage’s innovation to support students in realizing their dreams. Specifically, the College will launch the Mentor (the instructor) & Mentee Program (student). The Mentor team includes middle and senior managers working at Bien Hoa Sugar Company – a member of TTC, and those are from companies which specialize in different fields matching with the majors trained in the College. With this program, the College will be a bridge between students with businesses providing students with practical guidance right from the start of their working life.

Mr. Lưu Phước Dũng - the President of Sonadezi College of Teachnology and Management wish teachers good health to accomplish mission in new school year.Mr. Dung added: "We are gradually upgrading the infrastructure and improving our training programs, particularly focus on practical skills, English, information technology and soft skills. We have signed partnership with 10 businesses and will continue to promote cooperation between 30 and 50 enterprises to be able to stabilize the internship and employment for our students. We also accompany the children after they graduate to complete their desire to start their own businesses with a series of activities of the entrepreneurial club to help them gradually implement their ideas in the most effective way."

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Diep - General Director of TTC Edu

Starting the new school year with the new students is also the start of journey. To shape and gradually build their own route, students are required to actively equip themselves with the tools they need. Ms. Nguyen Thanh Diep - General Director of TTC Edu, board member of Sonadezi College said: "TTC Edu belongs to TTC – a multi-industry group operate in different fields with more than 20 member companies. Therefore, you certainly have internship and job opportunities after graduation. In particular, as a commitment of the Group, 100% students who have independent thinking, a good sense of life-long learning and autonomous ability will be offered jobs with high incomes. TTC Edu will provide all conditions so that they can develop their potential, apply their theory into practice, communicate to enhance their knowledge and skills. We, more than anyone, wish you success, for yourselves, for your family and for TTC Edu. "

Currently Sonadezi College of Technology and Management has 1,500 students enrolled in 09 programs Garment Technology, Footwear Technology, Administration, Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Construction , English for Business and Chinese for Business. In 2016-2017 school year, the school has added a new program – Hospitality Management. In the near future, the College will add Agricultural Engineering and Food Processing Technology to meet the practical needs of TTC Sugar. Besides, the College will increase practicing time and gradually upgrade the output standards so that businesses can welcome their fresh graduates.

At the present, the College of Technology and Management Sonadezi have 1,500 students of the 09 sectors, including: garment Technology, footwear Technology, Administration, Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Construction , English for business and trade Pattern. 2016-2017 academic year, the school has added 01 new faculty new. It is hospitality management. Next time, the school will open agricultural mechanics and food processing technology, in accordance with practical needs of industry Agriculture and Sugar Group. Besides, the school will increase the amount of practice and gradually increase output to the new standard bachelor of business are welcome.

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