TTC Edu: Confident to lead non-public education system

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Silicon Valley (US) is the place where, which thousands of world-renowned technology corporations set their headquarters in. The companies invest huge sums of money on people: they invite or even “poach” experienced, enthusiastic and passionate personnel from the other companies. Simply because they know that these employees will help them to create the best processes and the best systems which world-class companies are adopting. Being aware of the importance of investing in people and in knowledge, TTC Edu provides the world-quality “inter-level” education system from pre-school to postgraduate. This investment aims to supply high-quality human resources for the society through comprehensive, integrated education. Integrating Research - Theory - Practice - Languages - Skills, and harmonizing private and integrated education is the philosophy TTC Edu applies to gradually improve itself confidently visualize for a leading position in the non-public education in Vietnam.

Develop high-quality human resources: invest in the “root”

Tt is impossible to train a young generation with both “heart and talents” without the presence of the Teachres. In its educational mission, TTC Edu consider improving the quality of human resources, in which teachers play the prerequisite role..

Determining to build solid roots educational mission, TTC Edu always creates a professional work environment, focusing on improving professional knowledge and skills for teaching staff through training programs, seminars, and contests. These include workshops and seminars such as "Enable creation - Application of information technology in teaching", seminars on education, teaching-aid creative contests; excellent teachers contest, and encourages teachers to participate in the national competition of "Innovation on IT platform". These programs not only benefit teachers, but also turn them into good examples for students with their serious attitude in participating the programs and their continuous self-studying behavior. Because, only teachers with both “heart and talent” - the "torchbearers"- can enlighten students on the path to knowledge.

For colleges and universities, beside a permanent well-qualified teaching staff TTC Edu also invites visiting foreign experts to support the teaching staff and the application of new teaching methods to create an interesting studying environment for students and train them on studying and practicing techniques right when they are still in a lecture hall.

It is the investing in the “root” to help in achieving worthy accomplishments: 99% of high school graduates are good and a high percentage of them pass the entrance examination into prestigious universities in the country. This is a remarkable achievement, but the first efforts belong to those who lead and inspire generations of students.

In the future, TTC Edu will promote planning and training management teams; enhance training through workshops and seminars to improve their professional skills; innovative teaching methods; and share views and information on education to with the staff. In the same time, TTC Edu also continue to improve their remuneration, material and spirit life to motivate them to try their best for the goal of enhancing the quality of education and training students to develop comprehensively, intellectually, physically, and aesthetically.

Input quality: screening and forming the “education for the next generation"

Updated with the modern educational trends in the world, schools of TTC Edu set the application of IT in teaching their top priority, targeting to make students the center of vocational and comprehensive education. Specially, TTC Edu will screen and control the input quality of all students.

Preschool education, especially educating and fostering personality is what TTC Edu pays special attention on. TTC Edu’s pre-schools regularly co-ordinate with parents to guide the children with basic etiquettes and moral behavior. In school year 2016-2017, the preschool set and apply a Japanese-standard education process of morality training and self-service skills. This model contributes to standardize the implementation of morality education, to help children serve themselves and form independent personality from an early age. These are important factors to help children improve their personality, create a solid foundation for them to enter the next level with comprehensive education. However, what made the difference that TTC Edu aims to is the control of input quality. To accomplish this, TTC Edu needs the companionship of parents in the philosophy of educating their children, thereby giving the best training effect, creating a moral foundation, awareness and proper behavior for their children while still in preschools.

It has long been a prejudice that only high-school graduates who are not qualified for public universities have to choose non-public universities to continue their studying. TTC Edu aims to change this misconception completely by controlling the input quality. In particular, children who studied in the kindergarten and elementary schools of TTC Edu are prioritized in the high-school entrance procedure, because the TTC Edu believes that having been trained in the environment of TTC Edu, they will have the basic knowledge and skills fully meeting the entrance criteria for high schools of TTC Edu. Beside the input quality, the school will also implement intensive English programs in accordance with Cambridge curriculum and IT programs following international standards. This is solid stepping stone for TTC Edu’s students to enter university lecture halls confidently.

Added values

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." Fruit is not just for students - recipients of knowledge, but even for those who consider education their mission also have the opportunity to experience this sweet taste. TTC Edu, for years, has constantly engaged in innovating teaching and learning in order to bring new teaching methods and to change the perception about modern education. And, with efforts, TTC Edu has achieved encouraging results.

Specifically, students of TTC Edu’s primary, secondary and high schools have continuously won high awards in different contesst in Dong Nai province and nationwide such as the 2015 national English essay contest "Young Leader"; National Level Excellent Students of English 2016; Science and Technology Contest of Dong Nai Province School year 2015-2016 ,in which a project was selected for the national level contest. For school sports activities, TTC Edu’s schools have actively participated in and won valuable awards, most recently were the collective movement award and achievements in National Phu Dong Sports Festival 2016.

Beside investment in learning and sports, TTC Edu also focuses on life skill training for the children with talks on theory of multiple intelligences, critical thinking, adolescence psychology, team work skills, etc. This investment will soon brings results for TTC Edu, that is training generations of students with rich knowledge, good skills and language proficiency.

In addition, with in an effort to lead the non-public school system, TTC Edu is honored with professional advice from the Scientific Advisory Board of TTC Edu. The Board members are enthusiastic, reputable, leading experts like Mr. Dang Van Thanh - Chairman TTC, People's Teacher Prof. Dr. Vo Tong Xuan – an eminent scientists in agriculture who has greatly contributed to education in the Mekong River Delta; Dr. Huynh Van Toi - lecturer and cultural researcher at renowned universities; Dr. John Vong - Senior Advisor to World Bank (IFC), UNDP (US) and Asian Development Bank (ADB), etc.

The development of non-public schools is quite aggressive, but people in general still have prejudices regarding to the relation between their quality of training and the training cost. Being fully aware of this, TTC Edu has put forward developing strategies with top quality as its value. For kindergartens, TTC Edu is always updated with advanced education trends to ensure comprehensive development of students and enhance teachers and nurses’ professional skills, particularly, master the motto of arousing and talking to children with love. For schools, TTC Edu will instantly improve vocational education, combining theory and practice, especially upgrading foreign language and soft skills. For colleges and universities, TTC Edu will apply reputable advanced transferred programs worldwide attract talented people, domestic and foreign scientists to participate in teaching. More importantly, TTC Edu colleges and universities will build links to domestic and foreign enterprises to facilitate best practice environment for students, while ensure graduates are welcomed in businesses. Specially, TTC Edu belongs to TTC, a multi-industry group 23 subsidiaries and affiliates, thus this will be the opportunity to practice and to work for students who are being trained in TTC Edu’s schools.

Creating quality educational products, building education system chains, developing TTC community, forming differentiation, and growing education complexes are TTC Edu’s are strategic proposals. With this orientation, in the near future, TTC Edu can be an impressive noted brand in provinces where there are TTC Edu’s premises, and will expand to other provinces with its commitment of top quality education.

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