TTC Edu) signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Takasago Education Group (Japan)

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Following the visit and work of Takasago Education Group with TTC Edu - a member of the TTC Group in Vietnam in early July 2016, on August 8th 2016, TTC Edu signed MOU with Takasago headquarter in Japan. The MOU between TTC Edu and Takasago opened the opportunity for both sides to enhance exchanges in culture, languages, and methods of Japanese preschool education, which is considered one of the standard models in the education system of developed countries.

MOU signing ceremony between TTC Edu and Takasago Group at Smart Nursery School - Head Office.

This is one of the co-operation of TTC Edu with prestigious education organizations to provide a comprehensive mental and physical education program to meet international standards, encouraging creative thinking, strengthening the autonomy for preschool level.

TTC Group leaders take photo with Takasago Group Chairman and his wife at Aruake Nursery School - Nursery School TokyoTai Smart -Tokyo

Mr. Doan Thanh Viet - Chairman of TTC Edu said: "TTC Edu and Takasago have had specific plans for cooperation in order to enhance practical training programs, to exchange of trainees in childhood education activities, workshops and conferences to share childcare methods, and to guide on necessary skills for preschool education. With over 46 years experience in the development of preschool education in Japan, Takasago will be a good partner in the exchange of experiences on the management and operation of the model in accordance with ISO standards ".

Besides the conference programs, professional sharing seminars recently held by TTC Edu and the extracurricular school Tomato (HCMC) to advise parents to evaluate and choose suitable games and curriculum, TTC Edu believes that the advanced international cooperation programs will create a dynamic, positive environment and continuous improvement for the system of preschool education in particular and the whole education system, in general, of TTC to get closer to advanced educational systems in the world.

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