TTC Edu welcomes mid-autumn festival – “Fun with full moon night”

Date 09/14/2016 | Total View: 1,113

In order to create a joyful atmosphere during the mid-autumn festival for employees’ children also the solidarity among members of TTC, TTC Edu organized the program "Be happy with TTC Edu in the Moon Festival" at the night of September 13th.

In the ceremony, the children were happy to hear the songs about Moon festival, watch cultural performances, join the game and answer questions in order to receive gifts. In addition, children also enjoyed the lion dance.

The joyful feeling of TTC Employees’ children showing gifts.

This is one of the significant activities of TTC Edu to express the responsibility for employees who have provided valuable support for the educational mission of TTC Edu.

In this occasion, all of the Schools of TTC Edu also organized funny activities for students and employees' children.

The warm atmosphere of the festival bringing to the Le Quy Don’s teachers and staff.

* Earlier on August 10th, more than 150 students of Le Quy Don Secondary-High School visited orphanage.

Students’ teamwork spirit when taking part in making Lantern Contest. Le Quy Don Primary and High school

The excitement of IPS’s students when doing dancing performance with Ms. Moon Lady and Mr. Cuoi.

On September 13th, Le Quy Don high school held “Moon Festival” with funny activities, such as: singing and dancing performance, doing magic trick.

The joyful participation of LQD’s students in dancing and singing performance in Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

The brilliant smile of Le Quy Don’s students when giving gifts to the children of Be Tho orphanage.

Le Quy Don’s students taking photos for keeping memory at Be Tho orphanage.

Lots of students’ hands raising up to get the turn to play games in Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

* IPS Dong Nai also welcomed Moon Festival with a lot of interesting activities and gifts for students.

The joyful feeling of Le Quy Don’s students receiving gifts from Ms. Moon Lady and Mr. Cuoi.

* Other schools: Abi Dong Nai, Abi Binh Duong, International Preschool IPS held meaningful activities

On the occasion of the Mid-autumn festival, TTC wished all of the students and their family a happy and warm holiday.

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