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With the mission of harmonious combination of individual education and integrated education , beside innovating teaching methods and improving teachers’ professional quality, planning and training management team, TTC Edu’s schools have always focused on the investment of facilities and teaching equipment. This is one of the important factors that builds the brand TTC Edu and perfect the string theory education integrating theory and practice from pre-school level to university.

Top Modernity – Top safety

Classrooms in TTC Edu’s kindergarten are decorated with catchy natural scenery and cheerful cartoon characters. Special rooms for talent developing are well invested. Particularly, the music room is equipped with necessary instruments such as organs and accompanying instruments like bamboo bells, tambourines, rattles, tocsin, etc. With these instruments, pre-school children do not have sing without music and can show their musical talents. In arts and crafts classes, they are free to create because there are modeling clay, colored wax, brushes, drawing paper in different sizes. In particular, the school has a computer lab - Kidsmart - help children become familiar with information technology and develop their creativity through language games, space science, mathematics and funny comics. Moreover, there top quality toys for learning corners, nature corners, arts corners and for outdoor activities such as toddler climbing toys, slides, see-saw, etc. Particularly, the kindergarten has invested in artificial grass for children to play in maximum safety. This meets the important requirement which the Ministry of Education and Training has issued, on the education of pre-school children.

Kidsmart Room

Learning with vivid visual aids, entertaining in modern play-grounds

In school year 2016-2017, Trinh Hoai Duc junior-high-school has introduced a new 6-storey school block with an elevator. The classrooms and function rooms are air-conditioned, the practice rooms are equipped with stereos and televisions to ensure the most vivid class. This contributes to the implementation of TTC Edu’s strategy, in general, and Trinh Hoai Duc school’s, in particular, on modernizing facilities to enhance learning activities.

At other schools of TTC Edu, facilities are repaired, renewed, and supplemented with necessary teaching equipments. Instead of studying natural sciences by "imagination", students can learn with vivid visual aids in practice rooms or laboratories with experiment tools such as physics practice kits, spectrum experiment sets, space structure models, molecular models, etc. Besides, classrooms are all equipped with projectors supporting the application of information technology in teaching and learning. In addition, there is a spacious, quiet library with thousand books. Moreover, students can look for information on the Internet faster and more conveniently with an electronic library equipped with modern computer platforms.

Electronic library equipped with modern computer platforms

Another highlight of the schools of TTC Edu is a system of yards, swimming pools serving the needs of sports training and recreation of students. The schools have artificial grass football pitches, standard tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, martial arts training field, etc All create mini on-campus sports center making physical education classes more "professional" and the organization of sports competition easier.

Education is not away far reality – background for high-quality human resources

To do this, TTC Edu’s colleges and universities y focus on investing in functional and practical areas for students. Sonadezi College of Technology and Management has workshops a 1500 m2 workshop for the department of Garment and Footwear with modern equipment. Besides, classrooms and dormitories are fully equipped to best serve students. Particularly, the college also has villas for trainers and experts. All contribute to a complete model of studying-practicing-accommodating.

Yersin University of Dalat has a computer lab with multimedia equipment, a tourist practice block with high-rate-hospitality facilities, a practical biology-environment laboratory modern experiment equipment, and practice nursing rooms with rich medical equipment. All bring an ideal learning environment for students, theoretically and practically.

Being aware that language and practice skills are the weaknesses of most Vietnamese students, TTC Edu always consider investing in facilities a necessary condition to create innovation and differentiation . In school year 2016-2017, pre-schools of TTC Edu will apply advanced teaching model from Japan; other schools will implement intensive English programs and international-standard IT programs, therefore, the investment in teaching and learning facilities is particularly paid attention to. Especially for colleges and universities TTC Edu, system, characterized by vocational practical training, developing facilities is vital. In accordance with its strategy, TTC Edu will invest in high-class and standardized facilities to combine vocational training, constructing business premises and practice bases for students. This is a crucial step to train high-quality human resources for businesses in the future.

In a seminar on university facilities, Assoc. Pro. Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa – Dean of Urban Studies Department, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, said: "The help of modern technical equipment , the resonance of an organized space and environmental landscapes will form survival skills, personality traits, and other professional skill for the trainees. This is what the TTC Edu always have in mind and try to accomplish, all because of the quality of education.

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