TTC EDU System
TTC EDU System
The system of schools from Preschools to high school consists of two levels: International level and high quality level which are IPS Dong Nai and Abi International Preschools. The most striking aspect of these schools belonged to the TTC EDU System is the modern facilities and the qualified teachers who are professional, skillful and have appropriate teaching methods so as to instruct students and lead them to meet the needs of the change of teaching and learning – student - centered learning.

Preschools level, education for children is based on 4 important criteria: the placement according to the children’s needs; the great influences of teachers and nursemaids on the formation of a child’s personality; the irreplaceable role of a mother; ultimately the appropriate educational methods for each child and each group of kids on the theory of diverse intelligence.

For high school level, the schools have applied the combination between the background knowledge and the careers guidance as well as life skills into their educational system. In company with the changes and the improvement in teaching and learning, the school managers and teachers have always upgraded their qualifications and profession to meet the new trend.

For college and university level, the schools have focused on training based on the needs of enterprises, collaborated with the companies which belong (do not belong) to the management of the Company Group in order to support the practice environment and ensure that all the students are able to graduate from school.
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General Introduction of Educational Level of TTC Education System
With the top priority of quality, TTC EDU system has gradually bettered its facilities and teaching equipment as well as asserting the prestige of its brand name through the educational chain from kindergarten to university consisting of 14 schools which have 14.000 teachers and students and almost 1.000 official teachers and part-time teachers.

The majority of the schools are in some key provinces such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Lam Dong and HCMC. With the expectation of expanding area of operation which has the highest quality in all aspects to other provinces like Ben Tre and Tay Ninh, TTC EDU system has orientated the strategies so as to lead the system to the top of non-public schools in Vietnam and take the lead in the trend of the most modern practice and research in the region as well as being the pioneer in creating an international education environment in the local in the near future.
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