Why choose TTC EDU?
Why choose TTC EDU?

Academic staff

TTC Edu’s academic staff include more than 1,200 skillful employees and experienced Vietnamese and foreign teachers.

With a warm heart and a wise head, are confident to help their students to pursue knowledge and have a good personality.

The academic staff’s qualifications:
- Universities and colleges: Full-time and part-time lecturers are qualified as professors, PhD, MA and experts who are committed to providing excellence in teaching and research management.

- Primary, secondary and high schools: Teachers are highly qualified and regularly trained to improve their skills and professional.

- At kindergartens: Teachers are highly qualified, devoted, loving towards children, responsible for the best caring of kids.

The teachers, lecturers and foreign experts always update new advanced teaching methods from developed countries, encourage the students to maximize their creativity and freedom of expression. Besides, teachers coming from English speaking countries helped Vietnamese students to learn English more effectively.

Teaching methods:
- Our teachers and lecturers are passionate about education and caring towards their students. With the student-centered approach, the teachers and lecturers not only provide knowledge and share experience but they are also close friends to their students.

- The teachers continuously strive to learn, enrich their knowledge, skills and qualifications to act as a role model for ethics, self-study and creativity that the students can follow. They frequently apply new methods to enhance interactions with students.