Why choose TTC EDU?
Why choose TTC EDU?

Training commitment

With the motto “For the community, light up your dreams”, TTC EDU is committed to providing a world-class quality education system from kindergarten to post-graduate as well as training a human resources with both VIRTUE and TALENT, contributing to the country’s development.

- Preschool:
Our priority is an education model which helps students to be good, well-rounded individuals. Making the coordination between the Japanese education system and Vietnamese culture on the foundation of Confucianism which stresses the tradition of respecting teachers and morality combination with modern technology and thinking. This is one of the prerequisites to help children develop their characters, form a sense of self-service and courtesy right from kindergarten age.

- Primary, secondary, high school:
We aim to train students who have good knowledge and foreign languages, necessary soft skills, flexible in social interactions, well career orientation at school. These are the criteria to ensure that the students can confidently integrate into the international community.

- College - University:
Students are graduated with good results, high skilled as well as qualified as a “global citizen”, meeting the employment demand of TTC Group as well as foreign and domestic enterprises. In addition, training and cooperation programs with international partners will help students to graduate with a good command of foreign languages, having a good grasp of the theories and proficient in practical skills, which will enable them to be confident to compete in international event.