Why choose TTC EDU?
Why choose TTC EDU?

Training strategy

Each education level from kindergarten to university has its own training strategy, but still ensures efficiency to serve TTC EDU’s strategic objectives:

  • Focus on quality and quantity: provide educational products with modern and practical technology through the optimal service. Accordingly, TTC EDU’s school network will be spread nationwide to meet the TTC Group’s future human resource need.
  • Top quality service: provide the best education services based on the criteria: the student is the center of the learning process, upholding prestige and respect commitments, making regular efforts to offer the best and complete services.
  • International technology: promote cooperation and exchange of the most advanced technologies from developed countries to apply in training and management.
  • Streamline operation costs: utilize the central management model to rotate and support in the system. Reasonable management process combination with the most effective investment cost will bring the best results.
  • Lead market trends: continuously research to renew training materials, services and management model, willing to change.
  • Make a difference: build the optimal identity of TTC EDU and make a difference by embodying that identity in accord with each student, individual, product and development plan.

Accordingly, each education level will have its own unique directions:

  • Kindergarten: complete the human and integrate education model: educate and nurture the personality on the basis of advanced education systems while still anchored in principles of morality.
  • Primary, secondary, high school: provide career orientation programs – vocational practice and skills-based practice, giving a sound groundwork for higher education in Vietnam and overseas.
  • College - University: offer short term vocational training, inter-college transfer and international cooperation, establish post-graduate institutions; attract scientists and talents from Vietnam and overseas; invest in modern facilities to form TTC EDU city for education. This will be an education city model with universities, research institutions, startups area, villas, etc.